About Us

LATINOlinkVIEWS is a people created monthly publication for the people, by the people. Specifically, through LATINOlinkVIEWS, Latinos will benefit from content created by Community-Based Organizations, government agencies, and other service providers. Mainstream newspapers and other media outlets have their own definition of news worthy content. Unfortunately, the community loses; we are enthusiastic about the opportunity to provide an interactive mechanism to the nonprofit/CBO sector where pressing, non-commercial news will be disseminated for the common good.

Community Based Organizations (CBOs), are very often overlooked as a vital part of the economic sector. Nonprofits certainly generate employment, revenue, and most importantly, develop programs for the benefit of all. One of the reasons they don’t get their rightful place at the table is their difficulty of conveying their message. With limited resources, CBOs mostly rely on the mainstream media to act as their spokesperson. Totally wrong! The mainstream media has its own definition of “news worthiness”.

Very often CBOs’ media advisories and press releases are set aside and used as “last-minute fillers” in case it is a slow news day. Of course, there are larger non-for-profit organizations, like hospitals and public utilities, that have their own public relations departments, but those are the very few and not the norm and even they need help in conveying their message. The majority of CBOs depend on the mainstream media for the dissemination of their message and find themselves often begging for coverage of their programs and activities.

LATINOlinkVIEWS is a versatile, unique, and effective tool for dissemination of nonprofit messages and education of the public, by virtue of a printed and online vehicle duplicable in diverse communities throughout the Nation.

There is a tremendous wealth of knowledge embedded in Community-Based Organizations; a myriad of useful programs such as education, health, civics, government, etc. A gathering place for these helpful resources is needed. Once this information is gathered and put in front of the public, people will certainly find it useful and readership will augment with time. As readership increases, more people will know about CBOs missions.

In summary, LATINOlinkVIEWS aims to build a useful news and information site (Community Enhancers) around the process of content creation by CBOs, with the core belief that everything we do should help people and communities.